1 Surah Fatiha Hindi/Urdu Translation Kanzul Eman by Aala Hazrat Ahmed Raza Khan

Chapter 1 Surah Al-Fatihah - Total Verses 7 in Para 1 - Quran only Urdu Hindi Translation E-Quran Learning - [a][/a] - Now we all can listen ONLY URDU / HINDI / ENGLISH Translations of Quran. Every Surah/Chapter can also be downloaded to mobile/cell phone or PC, Tablet to listen anywhere any time and Android Mobile App Quran In Urdu/Hindi. This website [a][/a] also has tremendous Quran Explorer and Hadith Explorer. We all can also listen Arabic recitation of Quran in 13 Voices. We can also read and listen Translations in English (5), Urdu (3), Spanish, French, Indonesian, Deutsch, Malaysian, Turkish languages. Also we can Learn Quran with Tajweed. ALL IS FREE - JazakAllah. Share it to all your friends and comment how you found our work and suggest how to make it more better. Thanks.

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